The West Virginia Quilt Documentation Project carries out the mission of West Virginia Quilters, Inc. to …

“continue the recording of the tradition, culture, and history of quilt making in West Virginia that began with the West Virginia Heritage Quilt Search, Inc. and will encourage the care and preservation of quilts, both old and new.”
  • To document quilts made in, or residing in, West Virginia made before 1970.
  • To store collected information in the West Virginia Division of Culture and History Culture Center Archives.
  • To upload collected information to The Quilt Index, an online resource for quilt scholars and historians.
  • To help owners develop an appreciation of their quilts.
Documentation days are conducted solely by volunteers – and it’s not necessary to be a quilter to help.
m m To volunteer, please contact:
m m Fran Kordek
m m kordekfran@gmail.com

Information about upcoming documentation dates will be posted here, on West Virginia Quilters, Inc. website: wvquilters.org.

To make an appointment to bring a quilt to a documentation day, or for additional information, please contact:
m m Fran Kordek
m m kordekfran@gmail.com
m m 304-594-1208

The story of a family quilt is recorded.

A quilt is studied and measured on documentation day.

Photographs capture the unique beauty of each quilt.
We are excited to see your quilt and learn its story. You may bring two quilts. When you arrive, please register at our welcome table. You will be interviewed about the quilt while it is being examined and photographed.

Please bring each quilt “as is”; it is not necessary to clean or make repairs. Bring notes with all the information you may have about the making of the quilt and the quiltmaker(s). We are interested in family photos, especially any photos showing the quilt or quiltmaker, and when and where the quilt was made. Was it created for a special occasion? Did it win a ribbon at the fair?

We would also like to learn about the life of the quiltmaker including: birth and death dates, maiden name, husband’s name, and the religion or ethnic background of the quilter’s family.
There is no charge to bring a quilt. If requested, owners can receive a copy of the documentation record, but a donation will be requested for this service.

A cloth label with your quilt’s registration number will be provided. Please make sure it is stitched to the back of the quilt. You will also want to keep photos and records to pass down the history of the quilt for your family. You will receive information about the care and safe storage of quilts.

West Virginia Quilt Documentation Project hopes to encourage families to keep and enjoy their heirloom textiles. Owners will not be asked to donate or sell their quilts. It is not the purpose of documentation to estimate the value or provide an appraisal of quilts studied.

Documentation days are part of an ongoing effort to record West Virginia’s quilt artistry and history. The photographs and data gathered will be recorded for future historians and researchers.

Records created will be stored in the archives managed by the West Virginia Division of Culture and History. The confidentiality of quilt owners will be protected; no one will contact you without your permission.

Photographs of your quilt and related information will be added to The Quilt Index, a national online database for scholars and educators. The Quilt Index includes data on more than 50,000 quilts collected from nationwide projects, museums, libraries, and private collections. To learn more, visit quiltindex.org.
West Virginia Quilters, Inc. is a non-profit statewide organization of quilters.
Documentation days will be held in conjunction with WVQI meetings, at an annual WVQI quilt festival, and at other locations around the state.
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WV Quilt Documentation Brochure
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Documentation Dates (by appointment)
2019 Location Sponsored By Contact
May 17–18 Parkersburg, WV Wood County
Historical Society
Roberta Gellner
June 20–22 Summersville WV West Virginia Quilters, Inc Festival Fran Kordek
August 23–24 Beckley WV Private Sponsorship
Arts and Crafts
Margaret Rusnak