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Special Exhibits and Events
West Virginia
Quilt Documentation Project

Bring Your Quilts to the Festival!
and Saturday
Festival will again provide the opportunity to document your family heirlooms or the
quilts in your collection. Bring any information you may have about the quilt and its
maker (if known), including photos. It takes about 30–60 minutes for a team of
volunteers to measure, photograph, date and ID the pattern. Come for the day — document your quilts and still have time to view the show quilts, take in a class, and enjoy other activities and vendors. And, if you enjoy getting up close and personal to some pretty special quilts and stories, volunteer to help.

Why should you document your quilts? Documenting will insure that history and
images of the quilts and their makers will be saved for future generations. Information gathered will be uploaded to The Quilt Index, an extensive online database (www.quiltindex.org). This is a wonderful way to honor a loved quiltmaker and makes it easy to share the information with other family members. The documentation project also contributes to the preservation of our wonderful West Virginia quilting tradition.

More information about the documentation project is on the WVQI website
at wvquilters.org on the Documentation page.

Quilts (limit of 2) will be documented by appointment.
“Walk ins” will be accepted
if scheduling allows.
Thursday, June 20, 2019 10am – 3pm
Friday, June 21, 2019 10am – 3pm
Saturday, June 22, 2019 10am – 3pm
To make an appointment, or to volunteer,
contact Fran Kordek 304.594.1208 (H), 304.614.1359 (C); kordekfran@gmail.com
Sponsored by
West Virginia Quilters Inc. 
in collaboration with the
West Virginia Division of
Culture and History
* Special Events *
below are free of charge
* Lecture *
Friday, June 21, 6:30pm

“Quiltmaking That Saw Us Thru The War Years
1941 - 1945”
By Sue Reich,
Gold Star Mother
Click HERE for details

*Lecture is Free and Open to the Public*
(Lecture follows Quilters’ Dinner)
* WV Quilters Inc.
Summer Meeting *
(preceding the lecture)

Yummy FOOD
Quilters‘ Dinner
Friday, June 21, 5:30pm
Delicious food will be available again this year. The Concessions Room will be available daily for lunch, and we will have another Quilters’ Dinner on Friday night.
Click HERE for information on food.
Click HERE to register for Dinner.
Special Exhibit
“Quiltmaking That Saw Us Through World War II”
Exhibit by Sue Reich

West Virginia has traditionally had one of the highest rates of military service per capita, and one feature of our Festival this year will be an exhibit of almost 30 World War II quilts, by Sue Reich of Washington Depot, Connecticut. She will conduct a free walking gallery talk about these quilts each day of the Festival at 10am and at 1pm.
Sue’s collection of almost 30 World War II-era quilts will be on display through-out the Festival. She will also have some of her books for sale. Come and learn even more about these important quilts during Sue’s free gallery talk about these quilts at 10am and at 1pm each day.
Quilt Appraisals
by Sue Reich

Written appraisals are necessary for insurance coverage for all quilted textiles. Quilt artists and collectors alike are encouraged to protect their investments by having their quilts professionally appraised. We are pleased to offer appraisals again.

Sue Reich is a quilt appraiser living in Connecticut. She is certified through The American Quilt Society, and is a member of PAAQT, The Professional Association of Appraisers— Quilted Textiles. She is also an NQA trained judge.
During the show, she will be offering written insurance appraisals for $75 each.
Verbal evaluations are $30 each.
Please contact Sue directly to schedule an appraisal for your quilt or collection.

Sue Reich is an AQS Certified Appraiser, author, instructor, historian, curator.

28 Scofield Hill Road
Washington Depot, CT 06794
phone: 860.868.0028

The Friday Night Challenge Is Back!
After taking a break in 2017–2018 so as not to interfere with the WVQI 25th Anniversary Contest, Joni Hoffman and Linda Oney are back with a new challenge. For the 2018–2019 challenge, 30 volunteers signed on for the task at last year’s dinner.

The theme for the challenge was “My Best Friend.” Those attending the dinner were challenged to make a small quilt using the sayings found in each of the thirty bags on display. Only those people who had a ticket to the Friday dinner were given the chance to participate by selecting one of the bags. The two winning entries will be chosen by those dinner ticket holders attending this year’s Friday dinner.

You may mail your quilt to
Linda Oney at
2307 Airport Road, Sutton, WV 26601, to arrive between June 10–15, 2019. Or, you may deliver your piece to Linda at the Summersville Armory and Convention Center before 4pm on Thursday, June 20th.

Good luck to our 30 challengers. Be sure to buy a ticket to this year’s Friday Night Dinner to vote for your piece, and to have a chance at next year’s challenge. We hope you will be one of the two prize winners, who will again score a $150.00 or $75.00 gift certificate to The Quilt Shoppe in Summersville. To the 30 hopeful quilters who grabbed a bag to have a go at it, get your creative juices, and your needle and thread in gear! Complete rules are to the right. We’re looking forward to seeing your work!
•Your quilt may be hand or machine-sewn. It must consist of 3 layers: a top, a batting, and a backing, and must be fastened together by quilting.
• Quilts must measure at least 8" X 10" and no larger than 24" X 24."
• Attach a label on the back with your name and the title of the quilt.
• You may keep your quilt or donate it to the Little Quilt Auction.
• Use the saying found inside your colored bag:
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
I Married My Best Friend
Best Friends Forever (BFF)
Man’s Best Friend
My Oldest, Bestest Friend
• Inside each sack, you’ll find a card featuring a paint color (a paint chip.) You must use this color in your quilt.
• There’s also a small clothespin in the bag. Use it to attach the paint chip to the bottom of your quilt so that people can see what color was in your bag.