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Deadline for Classes and Dinner — June 10, 2017
Road Trippin’…West Virginia Quilt Festival!
Click above to see a video promoting the Festival.
banner Many thanks to our
Quilt Festival sponsors.
We greatly appreciate their generosity! THE QUILT SHOPPE LLC
Summersville, WV

  • Can you assist us in finding Festival Sponsors?
    Are you aware of any businesses who might be interested in becoming one of our sponsors?
  • Questions?
  • Contact us:
    Connie Forth: cforth9339@aol.com
    304-633-2290, 304-736-5396
    Mary Utt: 304-940-9658, Muttquilter@gmail.com

Click HERE if you’re interested in being a Festival Sponsor!
We welcome bus groups. We will gladly work with your group to make attending the Festival a fun and pleasant experience.
Please contact Connie Forth: cforth9339@aol.com

Donate a Little Quilt for our
Little Quilt Auctions, or
come and bid on one!
Schedule of Events
Tuesday, June 20
10am–2pm Hand-delivery of quilts, Arena Lobby
Noon–6pm Judging and Quilt Hanging
Wednesday June 21
8am–6:30pm Judging and Quilt Hanging
10am–6:30pm Vendor set-up
Thursday June 22
9am–6pm Quilt Show and Vendors open
9am–3pm Little Quilt Silent Auction
10am–3pm WV Quilt Documentation
9-12 and 2-5 Class: Cardinal in the Garden
9-12 and 2-5 Class: Pictorial Quilts
Friday, June 23
9am–6pm Quilt Show and Vendors open
9am–3pm Little Quilt Silent Auction
10am–3pm WV Quilt Documentation
9–12 and 2–5 Class: Frieda’s Fun Free-Motion Machine Quilting
6pm Quilters’ Dinner
7pm **WV Quilters, Inc. General Meeting
**Lecture: The Feedsack Story
Saturday, June 24
9am–5pm Quilt Show and Vendors open
9am–3pm Little Quilt Silent Auction
10am–3pm WV Quilt Documentation
9am–12pm Class: Emerging Leaves
2:00 pm Teachers’ Medley Class
5:30–7pm Pick up quilts
**Free of charge
What’s New for 2017
We have added a new category for Modern/Contemporary quilts.

Click HERE for more information about the
New Quilt Category,
Special Exhibit and Events,
and more.

And Some Things Never Change…
MFood — We invite you to join us for the Friday Night Dinner, and you can buy lunch at the Armory. We are looking forward to some delicious offerings.
M Quilts For Sale — We offer the quilt owner the chance to connect with a buyer. Check the first page of the Quilt Entry Form.

All quilts must have a 4" hanging sleeve (sewn or basted securely at top and bottom of sleeve) attached to the back top and must be no longer than 86" from the bottom of the quilt to the top of the sleeve. Wall quilts must have a sleeve (minimum of 1") or loops appropriate to their size. All quilts must be labeled on the back with the name of the entrant.

Quilt entry forms must be postmarked
by April 30
mmmSpecial thanks to all who volunteered and created this year’s ribbons. Mountain Lake Quilters Guild were the organizers with Mary Utt and Deb Curtis making the embroidered centers, and Becky Livingston (and friends), making the Honorable Mention ribbons. Connie Forth printed the category tails.
mmmWe award dozens of ribbons each year at our Quilt Festival. Over the years, we have been blessed with some talented groups who made our ribbons. WVQI is pleased to have Mountain Lake Quilters as a part of our team.
Summersville Arena
and Conference Center
(the Armory)

Driving Directions!

June 22–24, 2017

Admission: $6 any single day
$12/multi-day pass on Thursday
$10/multi-day pass on Friday

150+ Judged Quilts
Daily Little Quilt Auctions
Classes, Lecture
Dinner, Vendors, Boutique

Details and Downloads
Click links below for more information about activities and to download necessary forms.
Classes & Lectures
Special Exhibits and Events
Quilt Documentation Project
Little Quilt Auctions
Vendors (listed on Shops Page)
Program Ads
Summersville Hotels
Registration Forms!
Quilt Entry, Classes and Dinner

••• April 30 — Quilt Entry •••
June 10 — Classes and Dinner

Festival 2017 Newsletter

updated 5/31/17