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Fall Meeting — September 21, 2019
Beckley, WV
WVQI Fall meeting — Saturday, September 21
hosted by Hands All Around Quilt Club

Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center
Beckley, WV

9:00–12:00 Class
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Meeting

Folded Cutwork Applique Class Taught by Audra Rasnake
Students will need to bring:
Paper scissors, fabric scissors (one medium pair to do initial cutting of fabric and one small pair for cutting and clipping smaller areas of fabric), applique needles, regular sewing needles, some ugly cotton thread of any kind for basting (it will be removed later so don't use your good thread), a thimble, pins (applique pins are great, but regular ones will work too), a pencil, marking pens for drawing out your pattern (a light marker for dark fabrics or a dark marker for light fabrics … make sure they are removable by heat or water later), and two fabrics. Students will also need matching thread for the appliqued fabric (the one being SEWN DOWN on to the background fabric). Bring a “lap pillow” to make it easier to handle your project.

Make sure the fabrics have enough contrast (one light and one dark). The background piece needs to be cut 15" x 15" and the appliqued piece needs to be at 14" x 14". I personally like batiks for this project because they tend to do less fraying and, therefore, cause less frustration for beginners but 100% cotton will work fine, too.

Instructor will provide:
Freezer paper, stapler and staple removers, extra pencils, extra basting threads, a couple of ironing surfaces, and a few extra pre-cut fabrics, in case of a “boo boo". The pattern will also be provided.

This project takes a little while to complete, but I prefer using this type of class to teach beginner applique because, by the time you get all the way around your pattern, you will have gotten a lot of practice in.
Class at 9am -12noon with Audra Rasnake.
A folded cutwork (needle turn) applique project.
$35 WVQI Members/$45 Non-members
This is a class for beginner level, needle turn applique using a method of creating a pattern by folding freezer paper. As the name implies, this type of applique involves using the tip of a needle to turn under the raw edges of the fabric as it is stitched down to a background fabric.

In this class, you will learn how to draw out your pattern, baste it down and then applique the cut out pattern to your background fabric. You will learn how to do the inside and outside curves and points which are the 4 basic techniques of applique. This will be a take-home project. You will get the piece well under way and feel confident completing the project at home. The finished block size will be about 15" before trimming and will be a variation on a traditional fleur-de-lis.
Lunch break from Noon - 1pm
There are plenty of options for lunch in the immediate area. There will also be a fruit tray, veggie tray, cheese tray, and iced tea served by the convention center (free to WVQI attendees) in our meeting room.
Meeting starts promptly at 1pm (voting of board members will be conducted).
Following the meeting will be a lecture by Audra describing her design process
and ideas on creating her award-winning quilts.
Vendor will be Itchin' 2 Be Stitchin' from Beckley.
Nearby Hotels
Hampton Inn
Comfort Inn
Holiday Inn
Country Inn
And more

Contact info :
Sue Papouschek WVQI VP — willowcreekquiltingwv@gmail.com
Mary Utt WVQI President — muttquilter@gmail.com
WV Quilters, Inc. meets three times a year at various locations around the state in April, July and October. Local guilds act as the host for the meetings, working with the Vice President to coordinate information and work out details for guest speakers, workshops and vendors.

Is your Guild interested in hosting a meeting?
Please contact Sue Papouschek at willowcreekquiltingwv@gmail.com