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Retreat Frequently Asked Questions — updated 9/7/15
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What type of rooms will we be staying in?

Cedar Lakes Conference Center has a variety of housing accommodations.  We will be staying in Holt Lodge*, a relatively new building with standard hotel-type amenities.  Each room has two double beds, its own bathroom, a television, and a telephone. You do need to bring a hair dryer.

*Once Holt Lodge is full, additional retreaters will be housed in Mountaineer Lodge.  As with Holt Lodge, the ten rooms in Mountaineer are standard hotel-type rooms, furnished with two double beds, TV, bathroom, etc. 

How much does it cost?

Rooms in HOLT LODGE —
Room cost per person, per night:
Private Room - $76.32
Double Room - $38.16
Triple (3 per room) - $27.21
Quad (4 per room) - $21.73

Room cost per person, per night:
Private Room - $63.60
Double Room - $31.80
Triple (3 per room) - $22.97
Quad (4 per room) - $18.55

Breakfast - $6.63
Lunch - $8.22
Dinner - $9.54

Are there any extra charges?

No, there are no fees other than the cost of your food and lodging.

Can I come a day early or stay a day late?

If rooms are available, you may extend your stay, but the workspaces are frequently full.  To check availability, call Gary Anderson at 304–372-7860.

Can I bring my spouse or friend?

Yes, your spouse or friend is welcome to come and share your lodgings, but the workspace is reserved for quiltmakers.  Of course, anyone is welcome to stop by and see what fabulous work we’re creating!

What is the food like?

For breakfast there is a substantial fresh fruit bar, fruit juices, cold cereal, oatmeal, and a hot entree.  There is a substantial salad bar for both lunch and dinner, plus hot entrees and dessert.  Coffee, tea, milk, and fruity drinks are available at all meals.

Do I have to eat in the dining hall?

No, but if you do want to eat there you must order meals in advance. They need meal information ahead of time if possible. This helps the dining hall plan menus and order food.  You can sign up for none, some, or all of the meals. 

Is food for special diets available?

The kitchen at Cedar Lakes can accommodate special diets, but it needs about a week’s advance notice.  If you have special dietary needs, let Joni Hoffman know in advance, and she will contact the person in charge at Cedar Lakes.

Where is there to eat off-site?

There are a number of places to eat in Ripley.  In addition to the usual fast food places (Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Tudor’s Biscuit World, Gino’s Pizza, Dairy Queen, etc.), there is a decent Italian restaurant, Fratello’s, and a Mexican restaurant. 

Where is our workroom?

We will sew in Jackson Hall and the Vocational Building. It’s a short walk from Holt Lodge. There is a parking lot on the side. See link to Map at top of page.

What is provided in the workroom?

The facility will provide tables and chairs and several ironing boards and irons.  The irons are adequate but nothing fancy.  If you’re particular about pressing or plan to spend a large amount of time pressing, you may want to bring your own iron and/or ironing surface. 
What should I bring?

Here are a few things you might bring to increase your comfort and efficiency in the workroom: 
    chair cushion
    a light for your work table
    extension cord or power strip
    bed/table risers (if you plan to spend a lot of time cutting fabric)
    iron and ironing surface (if you plan to spend a lot of time pressing)

Other than that, just bring whatever you need to work on your quilting project or projects and clothing in layers.  The temperature in the room can vary. 

What if I forget something?

Given the compulsive and generous nature of quilters, there’s likely someone in the group who has whatever you’ve forgotten and will lend it to you. 

Is there security in the workroom for my sewing machine and tools?

A night security person comes around each night and sets the doors to lock when the last person leaves.  So the room is locked overnight.  It is unlocked about 8 am.  It is not locked during mealtimes. 

Is there any set programming?

There are no classes or lecture-type programming.  The folks who attended last year’s retreat were overwhelmingly positive about having a weekend to just work on their own projects.  So, this is another do-your-own-thing weekend.  There may be impromptu demonstrations if anyone is working on special techniques that the group finds interesting.

We are planning to have Show & Tell and take a group photo on Saturday at 11:45 a.m.

The only strictly scheduled things are meals at the dining hall.  You can stay up all night quilting if you want.

What is there to do for people who don’t quilt?

There is a pleasant hiking trail that goes into the woods above the lakes at the conference facility.  Ripley, about two or three miles away, is a small town and county seat that might be interesting to explore. 

Is there much walking?

The lodging facility, workspace, and dining hall each have parking that is close to the building.  There is about 30 feet of sidewalk leading into the dining room.  For those who want to get a little exercise, there is a circular road around the main lake that can be walked. 

Is the facility handicapped-accessible?

Only some of the rooms at Holt Lodge are wheelchair accessible.  If you need such a room, please call Gary Anderson at 304-372-7860. 

Are all parts of the facility non-smoking?

Yes, as of 2009, the entire facility is designated as non-smoking. 

Is there cell phone coverage?  Internet service?

Yes, there is reasonably good cell phone coverage and free wireless Internet service.  Ask for the password when you check in.